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Blankslate Fitness

Caleb Blankenship is the founder of Blankslate Fitness. He has been a personal certified trainer for 4 years now, and has been bodybuilding for 5 years. He is very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping each individual to reaching their health goals. Not only is he an amazing and dedicated trainer; Caleb is Trejos KC Sponsored Athlete. He embodies everything that Trejos KC stands for and is a perfect representation of it: Dedicated, honest, Knowledgeable passionate family man. For your first free 30min training session please follow the link and book now!

Shawnee Foods

Warren Messinger has been growing organic natural foods for about 15 years, and serving the people pf Shawnee and the surrounding areas since 2010. He is very passionate about his garden and very knowledgeable about the process it takes to grow his items. He grows a variety of items, but his sprouts and micro greens are the best in town!

Little House of Wellness

since "teen hood" Suzi has been passionate & consistent in her education and execution surrounding a lifestyle dedicated to the idea that FOOD IS LOVE. Loving herself, her family and others in the most delicious way! A healthy, compassionate approach demands quality at the table. Suzi creates and serves super nutritious whole food plant based snacks, all power packed for the average eater to the athletic achiever!! Vegetarian since 15 and transitioning 10 years later, Suzi has discovered its times to share the good stuff!

Just Natrual Farms

Just Natural Farms is a local CSA that provides natural, organic and fresh produce. They are non GMO. They provide you with natural fresh items the way they were meant to be enjoyed!

Midwest Mountain CO

Women's clothing designer and seamstress working to make a hardcore workout clothing line. using her love of trail running, eight training and taking workouts outside the box for her design inspiration. Clothing for women with a thirst for adventure, testing their limits, and training hard to reach goals.

Schwarz Pork And Poultry

Schwarz Pork And Poultry is a family owned farmed based out of Centerville Kansas. They are a family of six. They have been farming in Linn county just over a year and started commercially farming this year.  They have a strong belief in the farm to table concept and lifestyle, and make sure all of their animals are raised as you would a beloved pet. They raise hogs for the publc as well as chickens. they also have fre range chicken eggs available as well.